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Date: 2016-02-03
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Catégorie: Call for Papers
Sujet: Association for Political Theory - Proposal deadline: Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Association for Political Theory Call for Papers

Proposal deadline: Friday, February 19, 2016

APT Annual Conference

The Ohio State University, October 20-22, 2016

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Shatema Threadcraft (Rutgers University) and Andrew

Dilts (Loyola Marymount University)


The Association for Political Theory (APT) invites proposals from faculty members, independent scholars, and graduate students who have completed all requirements except for the dissertation for its fourteenth annual conference, to be held October 20-22, 2016, at the Ohio State University. We will consider papers on all topics in political theory, political philosophy, critical theory, the history of political thought, and cognate disciplines. We also encourage faculty members to volunteer to serve as chairs and/or discussants.


How to apply:

(1) Proposers must be members of the Association (membership is free). If you are not yet a member, please submit an application at http://apt-us.org/membership-application by February 16, 2016.


(2) Abstracts of 300-400 words are due by midnight PST on Friday, February 19, 2016 at: http://aptus.org/conference-proposal-form. Each participant may submit one proposal and may be a co-author onone paper submitted by someone else. The APT conference does not accept full panel or roundtable proposals.


Workshop Panel Format: This year we will continue experimenting with a new panel format. A workshop panel will consist of three presenters and a chair, but instead of a traditional discussant, the panelists and pre-registered audience members will read all papers and prepare written comments for the presenters. At the conference, participants will spend approximately 40 minutes workshopping each of the papers. You will indicate on your proposal form if you want us to consider your proposal for a workshop panel, and that you are willing to fulfill the commitments it requires. We will designate these panels only after the PC has evaluated the papers.


Chairs/Discussants: If you are proposing a paper and wish to participate as a chair and/or discussant on another panel, please indicate your areas of expertise in the relevant box on the proposal form. If you are willing to participate as a chair and/or discussant without making a paper proposal, please fill out the form available at: http://apt-us.org/chair-discussant-volunteer-form. Chairs and discussants must have a Ph.D.


Pre-circulation requirement: Presenters must submit their papers electronically to the paper archive on the APT website no later than October 6, 2016. The archive will be password-protected so that access is limited to members of APT.


Questions and assistance: For questions about the program or proposal guidelines, please contact one of the Program Committee Co-Chairs, Andrew Dilts (andrew.dilts@lmu.edu) or Shatema Threadcraft (s.threadcraft@rutgers.edu). If you have difficulty submitting a proposal, please contact the APT webmaster at webmaster@apt-us.org.


To learn more about the Association and its annual conference please visit the APT website at http://www.apt-us.org.


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