Date: 2015-02-03
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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: CfP: Panel on Participation Of Young People during the next ECPR conference in Montréal

The 2015 General Conference of the European Consortium of Political Research is taking place at Université de Montréal – the ECPR’s first ever event to be held outside of Europe. The General Conference often brings together some 2,500 political scientists from throughout the world. 


The S09 Section, "Citizenship Education Politics and Civic Participation in Communities and Schools: Actors, Conflicts and Political Choices", sponsored by the Research Committee on Citizenship, will hold several panels. We would like to draw your attention on one of them:
Increasing Participation Of Young People In Times Of Globalization: Linking Communities And Citizenship 

This panel proposes that whilst researching the participation of young people, we should also take into account the available institutional environment for young people’s participation. The panel invites papers to elucidate how different institutional arenas of participation in local politics affect young people and immigrants, and how these groups get involved in new forms of political participation. 
Chair: Daniel Oross, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Political Science, Budapest (Hungary)
Co-chair: Bernard Fournier, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, researcher (Belgium)
The deadline for Paper submissions is 16 February 2015. You will find all the information for submitting an abstract on the ECPR website (http://www.ecpr.eu) or email Bernard.Fournier@me.com.


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