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Date: 2020-09-08
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Subject: Professor Romain Yakemtchouk Prize for International Relations Studies

In memory of Professor Romain Yakemtchouk and of his work in the field of international relations, the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences set up a Fund in 2013, instituted on the initiative of late Professor Romain Yakemtchouk and Mrs Marie-Thérèse Bockstaele, honorary executive director of the Royal Institute for International Relations (R.I.I.R.). The Fund is intended for the award of a prize named “Professor Romain Yakemtchouk Prize for International Relations Studies”.


This Prize, amounting to 2,500 EUR, will reward the author of a doctoral thesis of great scientific value, defended for less than three years, written in English, French, Dutch or Spanish, on a subject related to international relations or peace issues. Special emphasis should be given to overseas countries.


This is a three-year Prize which was awarded for the first time in 2015. The works submitted for the Prize should be sent to the secretariat of the Academy (avenue Circulaire 3 – 1180 Brussels) in six paper copies and 1 electronic version by 1 February 2021. Candidates will append to their application a summary, a curriculum vitae and a covering letter.


The rules of the Romain Yakemtchouk’s Fund are available HERE.


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