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Subject: Summer Programs 2020: Training, 3 Month Research Program & Conference in Basel, Switzerland

Institute for Peace & Dialogue


IPD is proud to announce the next International Summer Programs for 2020, which are to be held in Basel, Switzerland. Applicants can choose either participation in Basel Global Peace Conference, or participation in 10- or 20-day Summer Academy or to be researcher during 3-Month Research Program, which may be combined with the 10- or 20-day Training + Conference participation, depending on applicants` plan and filled application.


Participants will have access to expert knowledge and hands-on experience as all our facilitators are specialists with years of experience academically and professionally in their respective fields. This is truly a great opportunity not to be missed to get or refresh the knowledge, skills and create new worldwide friendship and networks


13th Summer Academy Period: 2 - 11 August, 2020 (10 Days)

14th Summer Academy Period: 11 - 20 August, 2020 (10 Days)

3rd Basel Global Peace Conference: 11 August, 2020

3 Month Research + Academic Trainings: 2 August - 30 October, 2020 (90 Days)

Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline: 1 May, 2020

Late Application & Payment Deadline: 30 June, 2020


Venue: Basel, Switzerland 



10 - 20 Day Training Class Topics

- Culture of Peace

- Interpersonal Dialogue and Cross-Cultural Negotiations

- Conflict Management & Prevention

- Mediation

- Diversity & Inclusion

- Leadership

- Migration

- Global Security

- Commercial Diplomacy

- Climate Change

- Systemic Corruption & Fight Against Corruption


Scholarship & Discount

IPD offers support for most needed potential participants in the form of reduced participation fees. If you wish to request a discounted participation fee amount, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period. 


We strongly advice participants to submit the filled application as soon as possible, particularly if they require a visa to enter Switzerland or those who needs of more financial documentation process from his/her sending organisation for participation sponsorship.

We are looking forward to receive your filled application and will be glad to see you among us during upcoming Summer Programs 2020.


Request: Please share this event info among your colleagues, friends and networks. Thanks in advance for your support.


PS: Please update us by email also on your upcoming available job opprtunities, internship, traineeship & volunteership positions, trainings, scholarship and conference programs. This kind of information will be so useful for our international network members.


Other Related Programs

1. Executive Diploma in Management & Conflict Resolution
Program Starts: 1 March for Spring Term or 1 October for Winter Term
Application Deadline: 1 June for Winter Term & 1 November for Spring Term
Participation: On Campus or Online (Upon request-Individual)
Venue: Basel, Switzerland
2. Visitor Researcher Program, VRP
Program Period: 3 - 12 Month (On Campus or Online)
Program Starts: Upon request & Individual Base
Venue: Basel, Switzerland
Program Period & Target Group: Upon request 


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