Date: 2014-10-17
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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Call for Papers on Women and Local Government at CPSA 2015

Call for Papers on Women and Local Government at CPSA 2015


In honour of this year’s conference theme, “Challenges and Opportunities: How has Gender and Diversity Scholarship affected Political Science”, the Local and Urban Politics and the Women, Gender and Politics Sections at this year’s CPSA conference are seeking papers on any area related to the general topic of women and local government for a possible joint session(s) in this area.  We are using the term “local government” to include municipalities, school boards, and other entities, such as Special Purpose Bodies, operating at the local level.


We welcome papers on a wide variety of topics related generally to issues of women and diversity in local governments, and specifically encourage papers that address the following subjects:


The representation and participation in local governments of:


Electoral Processes at the Local/Municipal level:


Multilevel issues of representation:


Papers may employ a comparative, Canadian or international focus.


Questions may be directed to:


Co-chairs of the Local and Urban Politics section:


Chair of the Women, Gender and Politics section:



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