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Subject: The Institute of Public Administration of Canada - Tackling Complex Problems Through Innovative Solutions

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Tackling Complex Problems Through Innovative Solutions

November 10th, 2014
Ontario Room, MacDonald Block,
900 Bay Street, Toronto


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On November 10, 2014 The Institute of Public Administration of Canada will host a New Professionals Workshop called Tackling Complex Problems through Innovative Solutions


FEATURING Keynote and panels, this day will also include four specialized workshop sessions. Among the session topics that will be presented are Gamification; the MaRS Solutions Lab; Tempered Radicals and Institutional Entrepreneurs; and the new Centre on Innovation.


Check out our Agenda:


8:10 Opening Keynote - Zahra Ebrahim, Principal, Partner, archiTEXT, Toronto


9:00 1st learning session - MaRS Solutions Lab: Tackling Complex Problems
Joeri van den Steenhoven, Director, MaRS Solutions Lab - www.marsdd.com

Become a MaRS Solutions Lab rat, as the MaRs team tackles complex challenges you face that require systems change, stakeholder engagement, and citizens to experiment. Tools you will encounter: social innovation, design thinking, change management and social movement theory.


10:15 2nd learning session - Wanted: Tempered Radicals and Institutional Entrepreneurs
Colleen McCormick, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Tourism and Small Business, Government of British Columbia and Andrea Migone, Director of Research and Outreach, IPAC

“Intrapreneurship” and diversity: explore the diverse principles and practices “tempered radicals” (people that balance organizational conformity with individual rebellion) and “institutional entrepreneurs” (everyday leaders acting as crucial sources of new ideas, alternative perspectives, and organizational learning) use to lead and implement transformative change within their organizations.


11:15 Municipal Session presented by IPAC and AMCTO


13:30 3rd learning session - The ‘Internet of Everything’: How More Relevant and Valuable Connections will Inspire Solutions of Tomorrow
Geoff King, Director, Information Technology, Cisco Systems Inc.

Want to navigate the maze of PPDT? (People, Process, Data, Things): the 'Internet of Everything' (IoE) will lead you through machine-to-machine, person-to-machine, and person-to-person connections to allow us to create internet-based solutions. It’s okay big bureaucracy! Don’t worry large government! The internet has secure means for developing solutions to your problems and Cisco has a testing ground for those solutions!


14:15 4th learning workshop session - Gamification
Neil F. Randall, Director, The Games Institute, University of Waterloo – www.uwaterloo.ca/games 
Director, IMMERSe Research Network – www.immerse-network.com
Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

No this is not a Nintendo break: Gamification is about using game mechanics and dynamics, like gaming psychology, player journey and storytelling to drive engagement, interaction, collaboration, awareness, and learning in a non-game context. Human-focused design takes you from lab rat to Super Mario – elevating your problem-solving to the next level. (Disclaimer – there are no princesses to be won, but many innovative solutions to be had!)


15:45 Armchair Discussion: Steps to a Successful Career in the Public Service


17:00... After workshop  - meet us at the pub (you didn’t think we could geek out fully without a pint in hand did you?)


The Institute is partnering with a variety of stakeholders including the Tomorrow's Ontario Public Service (TOPS) and the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) to ensure that the content of the workshop will be relevant to a broad cross-section of new professionals.




Exhibitor: One Million Acts of Innovation




One Million Acts of Innovation is a global not for profit creating meaningful change by connecting together innovators, innovation groups and organizations from around the world.


One Million Acts of Innovation works with chief innovation officers in various corporations and governments to provide tools and methodologies that will help you create a clear value between your innovation project and strategic business objectives, new capabilities and resources that will help create and sustain a culture of innovation; Execute quicker, cheaper and with far less risk. We have a network of trusted resources from around the world who have the experience you need in different parts of your project to be successful. We connect you to various universities/colleges/students around the world who can provide research, an alternative and creative approach and the resources that help with the execution. We have the skill sets and experience to help you buy the desired technology/process/ etc. vs. build it by yourself.



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Tackling Complex Problems Through Innovative Solutions

November 10th, 2014
Ontario Room, MacDonald Block
900 Bay Street, Toronto



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