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Date: 2016-09-21
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Subject: Teaching The Practice of Politics -Resource Site

Teaching The Practice of Politics: a free online library of teaching resources to teach employability in politics & IR 


A resource site for academics interested in integrating applied or practical politics in their teaching is now available. It has power-point slides, workshop handouts, workshop preparation, group exercises, assessment ideas; sample syllabi; teaching tips; and resources including adverts for jobs in politics and IR, links to media and practitioner articles and videos and relevant academic literature. Go to www.coursesites.com/s/_TeachingPracticeofPolitics and self-enrol to access the resources.


· ‘A phenomenal pedagogical support service to a community of scholars, practitioners and students around the world.’ (Associate Professor Alex Marland, Newfoundland University, Canada)

· ‘The teaching resources are FANTASTIC.’ (Associate Professor Laura J Sheppard, UNSW, Australia)

· ‘Will finally allow us to start to bridge the practitioner/academic gap' (Dr. Lindsey Te Ata o Tu MacDonald, University of Canterbury)


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