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Date: 2016-09-21
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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Call for Papers - Flattering the Demos: The Politics and Fictions of Democratic Citizens

Flattering the Demos: The Politics and Fictions of Democratic Citizens


Department of Political Science
Concordia University


***NEW DATE: Friday March 3rd, 2017.


This one-day workshop seeks to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue on the broad topic of democratic political thought found in literary sources, including novels, poetry, graphic novels, theater, and film.  Although we often think of political discourse as rational, literary sources are crucial to democratic politics as they can offer a civic education or way for citizens to think about and understand politics and political debates. Such literary sources are also essential to democratic discourse because they provide a way to engage in politics through critique and protest.  


Targeting experts from political science, English, comparative literature, classics, history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and the liberal arts, this workshop will identify crosscutting research areas which explore the important contribution of alternative epistemological approaches to understanding, promoting, and critiquing democratic practices. Within this theme, the one-day event will investigate the state of research on literary approaches to democratic political thought and identify key areas for future research.  The long-term goal will result in an edited volume on the topic.


Faculty and PhD Students should submit short abstracts of approximately 250 words. 


Deadline for proposal submissions: OCTOBER 10, 2016


For more information or to submit abstracts please contact: Eli Friedland: e_fri@live.concordia.ca



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