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Date: 2016-09-14
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Subject: Seeking participants for an ISA working group on populism for the upcoming conference

Working Group on Populism: Call for Participants


This working group is organized by the International Political Sociology section of the International Studies Association, and will be held at the 2017 Annual Conference in Baltimore.

The working group will be organized by Professor David MacDonald (University of Guelph), Professor Dirk Nabers and Dr Frank Stengel (Kiel University)


The Global Rise of Populism
To explore the nexus between populism and IR, the working group will 1) investigate underlying dynamics that give rise to populist developments, 2) analyze commonalities and differences between the different phenomena commonly labeled populism, both in terms of domestic and foreign policy, 3) identify and scrutinize global links between different populist movements and 4) establish a more precise theoretical framework for the analysis of populism as a global phenomenon.
For participation and registration, please visit the ISA website:
Registration will be possible between September 19 and September 30, 2016. Decisions on participants will be made by mid-October.


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