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Subject: Happy Birthday Canada: Exploring the State of Democracy - Registration is open!

Happy Birthday Canada: Exploring the State of Democracy


This year the WSSR will be celebrating Canada's 150th birthday with a series of thought-provoking and inspirational workshops and events exploring the state of democracy.


Join us to mark this momentous occasion and come learn more with experts from Canada and abroad!



Registration for Winter and Spring 2017 is now open!


The WSSR are available to everyone to take either for credit or non-credit.


Undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties can register for the WSSR to earn credit toward the completion of their degree program. It is also common to find civil servants, people from the private sector, students from other universities, and even members of the general public attending one or more of our workshops.



Register now: http://www.concordia.ca/artsci/polisci/wssr/registration.html



Our confirmed workshops so far…


Winter 2017

January 27 – Electoral and Democratic Reform with Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Former Chief Electoral Officer of Canada

February 3 – The Parliamentary Process: Looking Back at the Last 150 Years with Honourable Don Boudria, Former Government House Leader

February 3 – Preparing for the May 9, 2017 Provincial General Election: Managing a Successful Democratic Event with Dr. Keith Archer, Chief Electoral Officer of British Columbia

February 10 – An Independent Senate in the Canadian Democratic System: What does it mean and how will it work? with Honourable Senator James S. Cowan, Senate Liberal Leader

February 17 – Making our Democratic System of Governance more Prudent and Efficient with Michael Ferguson, Auditor General of Canada

March 3 – Making Good Energy Policy: Is it possible in Canadian democracy? with Honourable Stockwell Day, Former President of the Treasury Board

March 10 – The Future of the Liberals in Canadian Democracy, under Trudeau with Amanda Alvaro, Political Commentator and Co-Founder at Pomp & Circumstance

March 10 – Writing for Academics, Practitioners, and the General Public with Diana L. Gustafson, Professor, Memorial University

March 17 – Avoiding Corruption and Scandal in the Future: Lessons to Learn from Gomery with Honourable Justice John Gomery, Former Superior Court of Quebec Judge and Public Inquiry Commissioner

March 24 – The Political Theory of Trust and Distrust in Diverse Democracies with Dr. Patti Tamara Lenard, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

March 30-31 – Reconstituting Liberal Democracy with Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Emeritus Professor and Member of the UK House of Lords

April 7– Making Fiscal Policy in Canadian Democracy: What makes good 'cents'? with Kevin Page, Former Parliamentary Budget Officer of Canada


Spring 2017

May 8-9 - Assessing the Role of the Canadian Government: What have we learned after 150 years? with Mel Cappe, Former Clerk of the Privy Council

May 10-11 - Canadian Elections-Past, Present and Future: What have we learned after 150 years? with Dr. John Courtney, Senior Policy Fellow, University of Saskatchewan

May 12 - The Future of the New Democratic Party of Canada: Perpetual opposition or potential government? with Ian Capstick, Managing Partner of MediaStyle

May 15-16 - Sustainable Welfare State Policies and Democracy with Dr. Guy Peters, Maurice Falk Professor of Government at the University of Pittsburgh

May 23-24 - Rethinking Canada’s Military Strategy in the 21st Century with Dr. David J. Bercuson, Director, Senior Research Fellows Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary

June 2 - 21st Century Conservative Politics: What Should it Look Like? with Tim Powers, Vice-Chairman of Summa Strategies

June 5-6 - Political Support and the Persistence of Democratic Regimes with Dr. Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Professor Emeritus, Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB)

June 8-9 - Continuity and Change in Federal Elections and Canadian Democracy with Dr. Lawrence LeDuc, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto and Dr. Jon Pammett, Professor, Carleton University


Other Workshops - Dates to be confirmed…

Democracy, Multiculturalism and the Welfare State with Dr. Keith G. Banting, Stauffer Dunning Fellow and Professor Emeritus at Queen's University and Dr. Richard Johnston, Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia

Brexit and What it Means for the Future of Democratic Political Communities like Canada with Dr. Harold Clarke, Ashbel Smith Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

Evaluating our Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis with Honourable Michelle Rempel, Member of Parliament, Calgary Nose Hill

Directing the Agenda of the House of Commons: What's involved? with Honourable Peter Van Loan, Member of Parliament, York-Simcoe and Former Leader of the Government in the House of Commons

Democracy and Inequality with Dr. Melissa Williams, Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto


Our other events confirmed so far…

February 9 - An Evening with...Honourable Senator James S. Cowan, Senate Liberal Leader

March 16 - An Evening with...The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C., Chief Justice of Canada

March 30 - An Evening with...Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Emeritus Professor and Member of the UK House of Lords


Find out more here: WSSR Calendar


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