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Category: Call for Papers
Subject: Call for Papers - The CCF/NDP at Home and Abroad into the 21st Century

The CCF/NDP at Home and Abroad into the 21st Century
From pacifism to peacekeeping, from socialism to social democracy, the CCF/NDP has had its share of successes and disappointments in Canadian federal and provincial politics. Despite the 80-year existence of the CCF/NDP, however, there has been relatively little academic historical work done on Canada’s party of the left, especially in the last 20 years.  This is particularly noteworthy in comparison to the extensive body of work that exists about Canada’s other two national parties.
This conference, sponsored by the Woodsworth-Knowles Centre and held at the University of Winnipeg on April 23-25, 2015, seeks to remedy this imbalance.  We will examine the state of the party from the vantage point of the past and provide a historical basis from which the cause of social democracy in Canada can continue to advance.
Submissions for this special theme could include, but are not limited to:
·      The NDP and nationalism
·      CCF/NDP approaches to domestic and international social justice
·      The state of social democracy: past, present and future
·      The CCF/NDP as provincial, national, and international leaders
·      The NDP and foreign policy/international affairs
·      Provincial and federal politics: successes, failures, and challenges
·      CCF/NDP and economic policy
·      CCF/NFP party history and evolution
·      The CCF/NDP and Aboriginal peoples
·      The NDP and the Environment
Papers from established scholars, emerging scholars, graduate students, and those outside of academia are encouraged.  The deadline to submit proposals is October 30, 2014. Proposals should be submitted to 2015ndpconference@gmail.com.
Participants will be notified by December 19, 2014.
When submitting your paper, abstract, proposal, or panel please include your name, affiliation, and email address. For panel submissions include the name, affiliation, and email address for each participant and note who will be the principle contact and panel chair. Abstracts should be approximately 250 words in length.  Please include a one-page cv for each participant.
Papers presented at the conference will be considered for a publication based on the conference theme.
Visit http://2015ndpconference.wordpress.com/ for conference updates. For more information please contact the conference organizers:
Jon Weier, Department of History, Western University, jweier@uwo.ca
Roberta Lexier, Department of General Education, Mount Royal University, rlexier@mtroyal.ca
Stephanie Bangarth, Department of History, King’s University College, sbangar@uwo.ca
Thanking you as ever for all your time and effort.
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