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Subject: Tackling Complex Problems Through Innovative Solutions - A challenge for you!

Tackling Complex Problems Through Innovative Solutions - A challenge for you!


IPAC NATIONAL NEW PROFESSIONALS WORKSHOP - November 10, 2014  (Ontario Room, Mowat Block, 900 Bay Street, Toronto)


Tackling complex problems in your workplace? We challenge you not simply to innovate, but to challenge the innovators... It’s no longer just about technology, or new ideas, but about challenging both yourself and your colleagues, challenging your boss and your boss’s boss, to think differently, to collaborate differently, to re-think systems with a mind to innovative solutions.


This is no ordinary workshop, because these are no ordinary ideas from extraordinary thought leaders:


Our keynote speaker, Zahra Ebrahim, Principal and Founder of think tank archiTEXT, an internationally recognized innovator, will explain her use of design thinking as a mechanism for creative problem solving. This is best described on archiTEXT website: "Our work uses various blends of design thinking, strategic foresight, research, design/making, facilitation, charrettes/workshops, and systems thinking to solve your most sticky, complex, wicked problems."


Joeri van den Steenhoven, Director, MaRS Solutions Lab, drawing from social innovation, design thinking, change management and social movement theory, will show how to build capacity for systems change through policies and learning opportunities that support people and organizations to drive change.


Colleen McCormick, Director, Strategic Partnerships, B.C. Tourism and Small Business, and Andrea Migone, Director of Research and Outreach, IPAC, will lead a discussion on how thriving work places are built not by revolutionaries but by “tempered radicals”: people that balance organizational conformity with individual rebellion. These change agents are leaders with alternative perspectives who value their organization's development through learning and sustainable change.


Cisco Systems Inc.'s $100 Million global IoE Innovation Centre dedicated to the ‘internet of everything’ (IoE) will illustrate how it will bring together startup companies and other innovators involved in developing new applications for smart connection technologies. The Toronto IoE Innovation Centre collaborative environment will be a place to test out ideas, experiment and ultimately develop the solutions of the tomorrow. Any internet-connected technology such as smart vehicles, home security systems and appliances – or internet-connected process, such as between retailers and customers, or clients with providers, or citizens with governments, will have an interest in Cisco's IoE Innovation Centre.


Professor Neil F. Randall, Director, The Games Institute will facilitate a workshop where delegates will experience the application of gamification in the workplace.


Taimour Zaman, CEO of One Million Acts of Innovation will introduce his non-profit organization that acts as connector between innovators, innovation groups and organizations from around the world together to achieve meaningful social change. Working with chief innovation officers in various corporations and governments, it connects clients who need innovative approaches, with those who can develop them.


Speaking about collaborative solutions, don’t miss:


The armchair discussion on Steps to a Successful Career in the Public Service where an engaging panel of public servants from the federal, provincial and municipal governments and the private sector brings a wealth of experience outlining the road to building a successful career in the public service.

An IPAC municipally-focused panel on service delivery and citizen engagement. You asked for it, and we listened. More municipal content and municipal experts!

Luncheon where delegates are afforded important opportunities for networking with senior (and not so senior) public servants such as municipal Chief Administrative Officers, Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers, among others.


Visit the website for more program details - www.ipac.ca/NPworkshop-Program






November 10th, 2014

Ontario Room, Mowat Block,

900 Bay Street, Toronto






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