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Subject: Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law / Revue de droit parlementaire et politique

In anticipation of the federal general election of October 2015, the Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law / Revue de droit parlementaire et politique is preparing a special issue that will deal with a variety of electoral matters.  The co-editors of this publication are Richard Balasko, former Chief Electoral Officer of Manitoba, and Gregory Tardi, Executive Editor of the Journal.  The publisher is Carswell.  The special issue, to be entitled: The Informed Citizens’ Guide to Election 2015, will consist of a collection of essays, each to be 10-12 single spaced pages in length.  Each essay will be peer reviewed.  This special issue will be simultaneously published as a stand-alone book.  This project is analytical and non-partisan; we are not aligned with any political party, candidate or political option.


The co-editors invite contributors to submit texts dealing with the following topicsLes contributions sont bienvenues en français ou en anglais.

    -    Historical Evolution of the Franchise in Canada

    -    Principal Voting Systems in the World Today

    -    Basic Minimum Criteria for the Democratic Quality of Elections

    -   The Political Use of Language – The Use of Political Language

    -   Campaign Methods and Methodologies

    -   Leaders’ Debates / Candidates’ Debates

    -    Police Interference in Election Campaigns

    -       The Role of the Minister of State for Democratic Reform (Responsible for Elections)

    -   The Appropriate Punishment of Electoral Misconduct

    -   Mandatory Voting ?


Proposed contributions should be interdisciplinary, involving political science and politics, with appropriate references to election law and court judgments.  Proposals accepted by the co-editors must be submitted by November 15, 2014.  Publication is scheduled for Easter, 2015.


Gregory Tardi, DJur.


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