Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe to POLCAN2?

Anyone interested in political science, and in communicating with political scientists, can subscribe to POLCAN2.

Are all messages posted in English and French?

Messages are posted in the language they are received.

When and what kind of information is included in POLCAN2?

Polcan2 is sent every other week.

The newsletter posts call for papers, job offers, job search links, seminars, courses, conferences and prizes’ announcements, and CPSA notices.

Please note that the CPSA will not assume a position upon any question of public policy not directly related to the discipline of political science or commit its members to any position thereupon.

Information provided by an individual or departmental member will be posted on the CPSA Web site, POLCAN2 & @cpsa_acsp  with a suitable heading and an appropriate disclaimer.


Messages Requesting CPSA Institutional Support

For institutional support by the CPSA, at least two members of the CPSA Executive Committee will refer the case to the Board of Directors as mover and seconder of a motion requesting that the later sanction CPSA support for the cause in question.

Should advocates desire, a further motion may be put to the next Annual General Meeting.

How do I submit a message to be posted in POLCAN2?

Postings (including links and pictures or images in .png) must be sent to in MS Word (.doc/.docx/.txt) or email format.

What is the Canadian Political Science Association?

Please visit: CPSA/ACSP


The Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of these messages. Opinions and findings that may be expressed in the messages are not necessarily those of the CPSA or its Directors, Officers and employees. Anyone using the information does so at their own risk and shall be deemed to indemnify the CPSA from any and all injury or damage arising from such use. Moreover, the CPSA does not sponsor, review or monitor the contents of sites accessible via hyperlinks. Messages are posted in the language received.